Mishacal is a Deer, sexless and ageless one of the 5 truly imortal bieng in the world, it is balck with eerie green stribes down its back. is is silent though when it gives a message one always knows


Mishacal is the aspect of Judgement and there for has unlimited power in his court. even the gods can be judged if they enter the court and are set on trial. though he does not speak his verdict will always be known.

he follows the laws and judges accordingly. an accused may try and defend himself though the chance that Mishacal will grant penance is slim.

he and his siblings the 4 aspects of the elements were the first beings in existence, mishacal being the oldest of them all. his true purpose is not know, though he seems to judge with the laws that have been made in the world that he now resides in.


Judgement Frakked